This page provides information on how to contact the Klipper developers.

Issue reporting

It is very important to attach the Klipper log file to all reports. The log file has been engineered to answer common questions the Klipper developers have about the software and its environment (software version, hardware type, configuration, event timing, and hundreds of other questions). The developers need the Klipper log file to provide any meaningful assistance; only this log file provides the necessary information.

On a problem report the first step is to issue an M112 command in the OctoPrint terminal window immediately after the undesirable event occurs. This causes Klipper to go into a “shutdown state” and it will cause additional debugging information to be written to the log file.

Issue requests are submitted through Github. All Github issues must include the full /tmp/klippy.log log file from the session that produced the event being reported. An “scp” and/or “sftp” utility is needed to acquire this log file. The “scp” utility comes standard with Linux and MacOS desktops. There are freely available scp utilities for other desktops (eg, WinSCP).

Use the scp utility to copy the /tmp/klippy.log file from the Raspberry Pi to your desktop. It is a good idea to compress the klippy.log file before posting it (eg, using zip or gzip). Open a new issue at , provide a description of the problem, and attach the klippy.log file to the issue: attach-issue

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for general discussions on Klipper. In order to send am email to the list, one must first subscribe: . Once subscribed, emails may be sent to

Archives of the mailing list are available at:


One may join the #klipper channel on ( irc:// ).

To communicate in this IRC channel one will need an IRC client. Configure it to connect to on port 6667 and join the #klipper channel (/join #klipper).

If asking a question on IRC, be sure to ask the question and then stay connected to the channel to receive responses. Due to timezone differences, it may take several hours before receiving a response.